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100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

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At the end of the month,  the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Public Opinion Laboratory released the 2016 China Rural Tourism Development Index Report. According to the report, 2016 is the first year of China's “Great Rural Tourism Era”. The scale of rural tourism development is large and the investment is large. Great influence has become a new way of life for people.  Through big data derivation prediction, the future of rural tourism in China will continue for more than 10 years, reaching nearly 3 billion in 2025.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

The current situation of rural tourism development in China

According to the "Report", from the mid-1980s to the present, China's rural tourism has experienced four periods: initial stage, development period, expansion period and upgrade period. 2016 is a very landmark year for China's rural tourism development and the first year of China's “Great Rural Tourism Era”. China's rural tourism has entered the era of big tourism from the past small tourism and middle tourism.  This "big" is mainly reflected in three aspects:

First, the scale is large:

The number of rural tourists reached 1.36 billion, an average of one person per year,  which is the fastest growing area, with rural tourism income reaching more than 400 billion yuan;

Second, the investment is big:

The performance of rural tourism investment is 300 billion, and the rural tourism industry is more than 2 million.  Rural tourism is no longer a simple "rural tourism" and "agricultural tourism", but becomes a space concept corresponding to the city, gradually forming a The new big industry is expected to develop into a trillion-scale enterprise;

The third is the impact:

The performance of the central, local, enterprises and consumers has been widely concerned,  becoming the theme of tourism, new urbanization construction and poverty alleviation,  and has become a new way of life for people.

100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

Five big pushers help rural tourism development

The "Report" pointed out that rural tourism will maintain a relatively high growth rate in the next 10 years. There are five main drivers for promoting the development of rural tourism in China: policy guidance, urbanization, automobile popularization, investment-driven, and new consumption revolution.

Policy guidance:

In the past 10 years,more than 20 rural tourism documents issued by the central and relevant ministries have become an important promoter of the rapid development of rural tourism.

Urbanization pull:

Half of China's current urban population has come to the city from rural areas in the past 30 years. Rural tourism is not only a form of urban people releasing stress to recuperate and close to nature, but also a way for people to find roots and eliminate homesickness.

Car popularity:

In the six years from 2010 to 2015,  the number of car ownership increased by 100 million units,  and it increased at a rate of 20 million units per year.  Self-driving tourists accounted for more than half of the total number of tourists, and more than one-third of them were doing rural tourism.

Investment driven:

In the past two years, China’s tourism investment has doubled, reaching more than 1 trillion in 2015, and nearly one-third of it is related to rural tourism.

New consumer revolution:

From 1985 to the present, we have experienced three major consumer revolutions in the past 30 years. The first time was 1985-1999, to meet the needs of people's clothing and clothing, color TV refrigerator washing machine is a hot spot; the second time is 2000-2014, mainly to meet the needs of the Bank;  after 2015 we enter new consumption During the revolutionary period, it was a new consumption upgrade,  which mainly satisfied people's spiritual and quality needs.  For example, tourism, health and intelligence were the consumption hotspots of this period. In the future,  with the gradual improvement of living standards, the demands of people's physical and mental health and environmental ecology will only increase,  and the new consumption revolution will become the most important promoter.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

Development index area comparison

The "Report" compares the rural tourism development index from the three regional dimensions of international, domestic provinces and tourist cities.  The comparative indicators are mainly the size of tourists,  the evaluation of tourists and the maturity of rural tourism development.

From the perspective of the International Rural Tourism Development Index, Switzerland, France and Spain are among the top three; Asia is Japan's highest level of development.  China has a significant gap with developed countries in the world, but it has shrunk year by year.

Compared with the provinces, the top ten were comprehensively evaluated in Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Fujian, and Anhui. The high score in Zhejiang stems from its maturity, especially the 3.0 version of the holiday product is better than other regions. The reason why Shaanxi rural tourism came from behind was because it had more tourists and better reputation.

Compared with tourist cities, the top three are Hangzhou, Xianyang and Lijiang.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

Opportunities and Challenges

China's rural tourism is full of opportunities, and it is a rare sunrise industry under the new normal of the new economy, but it is also full of challenges and traps, both gold mines and big pits. The "Report" pointed out that China's rural tourism investment is currently overheated, and the 28th law begins to appear. Of the large number of projects that are on the rise, 80% are ultimately difficult to sustain or achieve profitability.

The Report also analyzes the six elements of rural tourism success:  innovation, mechanism, culture, quality, brand, and location.

Creativity + culture + brand + quality, these four constitute a new rural tourism IP, but also a new symbol, including movies, TV dramas bring a place of fiery. In the new media era, the value of IP has been widely recognized.  In the process of development, the role and value of tourism IP will become more and more prominent,  and become the main attraction of rural tourism. Yuanjiacun and Wuzhen are likely to become China's first rural tourist destinations with IP through their own efforts.

1. What is rural tourism?

Rural tourism begins at the farmhouse and then travels. If the farmhouse is the primary version of rural tourism, it is a simple, old, transitional rural tourism, then the hotel tour is an upgraded version of rural tourism, is a deep, leisure, holiday rural tourism. The boundary between the two is still difficult to cut in the current rural tourism, but it is definitely a higher-format rural tourism.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

Hundreds of millions of people in the city are willing and able to spend a quiet time in the countryside, which has laid the foundation for development. Farmers who have been fond of building houses for decades have been able to provide spacious, comfortable and cheap houses for country trips. Rich rural folk customs and natural landscapes create an attractive market for rural tourism.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

The rise of rural economy, the air, rivers, fields, grass and trees in rural areas, rural customs, farming culture, agricultural and sideline products, have become market resources.

Chinese culture is a 5,000-year farming culture that has produced too many stories, customs, cultures and traditions in this vast and fertile rural land. How to combine the rural culture on the vast land of China in 5,000 years with the modern technology and fashion trends has become the focus of a group of industry-leading companies to research and develop.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

Second, how does the policy guide market innovation?

As early as 2013, in the communiqué of the Central Urbanization Work Conference, new development requirements were put forward for rural tourism. “Let the city integrate into nature, let the residents see the mountains, see the water, and remember to live in the homesickness.” Set the tone for the next rural work and tourism industry, that is, to integrate the city into nature.

The Task Decomposition Table emphasizes relying on the local cultural connotation, highlighting the characteristics of the countryside, developing rural tourism products, building famous towns with characteristic landscape tourism, strengthening rural tourism training, developing forest tourism, marine tourism, and vigorously developing red tourism; encouraging rural collectives The business construction land use right shares, joint ventures and other forms jointly with other units and individuals to set up tourism enterprises.  

100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

Third, how to build a rural tourism project?

1. Fundamentally, research culture

Being out of culture for tourism is like leaving a commodity for business, without a foundation. There are many types of culture, including local folk customs, food, and allusions.

The root of tourism is culture, the experience of the soul. Doing a good job of culture is the most basic condition for doing a good job. Rural tourism is no exception.

2, carefully designed to create a scene, to win by skill

The silver age is an era of designing a king, not an era when capital is king. Projects with light assets and heavy scenarios will generate good returns and cash flow returns.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

3. The layout of the business, in line with the trend of modern commercial consumption

The rural tourism of the current era is really not the original face of the restoration of the country, it is only the reverse trend of the ancient times. At the same time of product creation, we must be familiar with the characteristics and elements of modern tourism business consumption, use the exquisite goods to impress the tourists who seek the experience in the big cities, use services and surprise them with creativity. This is what modern tourism consumption needs. Content.

4. Operational thinking innovation

In the silver age, how to stay in the business model of using real estate sales to feed back tourism investment can only be a dead end. The dilapidation of the business model should be based on the product is the king, cash flow logic. As long as you can do a good job, do a good job, and detonate people, then everything else will come.

  100 billion! China enters the era of rural tourism, the next real estate

The economic development of the township tourism industry marks the beginning of this day. The development of the rural economy requires a clean environment and beautiful landscapes, thus bringing rural ecological construction into a new realm. In the construction of rural ecological civilization, something that has been difficult to shake for thousands of years, the administrative call for rectification has not improved much over the years. Under the influence of the rural economic market, in such a short period of time, let everything be A change has occurred.

A forward-looking government, a market-competitive enterprise, a keen capital, a decisive resource for rural areas and farmers, and a conspicuous vision to jointly explore the problem, so that the township economy can enter the fast lane.

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