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[Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

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From material selection to structural design,  it is a true thermal insulation wall material for the purpose of thermal insulation.  If the inner and outer walls of the building use Guolong lightweight wall panels, the indoor warm winter and cool summer are no longer an unreachable dream.

In the era of energy-saving buildings, in order to save the cost of winter heating and summer cooling,  in addition to the use of lower energy heating and quality equipment, the thermal insulation performance of the building envelope should also be improved.

  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

At present, there are many fireproof and weather-resistant materials on the market, which is one of the reasons why the insulation materials are not widely used in large-area promotion.  The advantage of Guolong Industrial 3D substrate lightweight wall board is that it achieves excellent insulation effect.  At the same time, the fire prevention capability has reached the national A-level standard and has become a new type of wall material promoted by the National 13th Five-Year Plan.

  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

The “Public Building Energy Efficiency Design Standards” and “Residential Building Energy Efficiency Design Codes” promulgated on July 1, 2005, for the future energy-efficient building design requirements , the good thermal performance indicators for building envelope structures are a large number of solid composite wall panels.

  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

The material of Guolong 3D substrate lightweight wall board is made of natural high-purity quartz powder, high-standard cement,  polystyrene granules and other materials at one time.  The polystyrene insulation particles ensure its good thermal insulation and sound insulation.  It is an ideal product for building energy-saving panels for indoor and outdoor partitions.  It can automatically adjust the moisture content of indoor air with seasonal climate change,  keep the humidity at a constant level, achieve ecological adjustment effect,  make your indoor environment more comfortable,  and meet the development trend of modern residential buildings.

  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board


  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

  Guolong Industrial 3D substrate lightweight wall board

Seven advantages

1, 3D substrate lightweight wall board has good seismic resistance, low modulus of elasticity, fast absorption of impact energy, and seismic resistance level can reach 8 levels.

2, 3D substrate lightweight wall board buried line tube facilitates scientific production process to make the product highly accurate,  seam precision,  and easy to process,  can be sawed,  chiseled and grooved.  Change the difficult situation of brick wall embedding in the past.

3, convenient construction, 3D substrate lightweight wall board is a plate type,  with advanced scientific installation, so there is no need to pull the reinforcement during construction, no need to construct columns, no need for doors and windows to pass the beam, no need to install concrete blocks for doors and windows,  It solves the cumbersome process of brick construction and saves costs. According to the data, it can be nailed and can be chiseled.  It is convenient for water, wire and tube pre-buried, door and window installation and node treatment during construction.

  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

4.High labor efficiency, factory prefabrication, on-site assembly, construction speed, greatly improve labor efficiency.

5.No need to paint lightweight partition board because of its high precision does not need to use a large amount of cement mortar to paint, so in the raw materials, labor costs and construction time can achieve savings.

6.3D substrate lightweight wall board on-site cleaning without plastering, avoiding wet work, the overall effect is good, less construction waste, can keep the site civilized and clean.

7. 3D substrate lightweight wall board conforms to national policies and conforms to the development trend. New wall materials should be developed from small blocks to large blocks, wet work to dry work, manual bricklaying, column assembly or installation.

  [Guolong Industry] 3D substrate lightweight wall board

The raw materials of 3D substrate lightweight wall board are made of fly ash, wood chips, straw, cement, additives, etc., which are comprehensive utilization projects. Now the country is vigorously developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. 3D lightweight wall panels are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. The project is a state-supported policy.

3D substrate lightweight wall panels are the trend of modern new building materials. The emergence of lightweight wall panels is an innovation and breakthrough in the field of building materials, catering to the market development trend, its application prospects are promising, and its potential is unlimited.