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[Green City City] Guolong Industrial 3D substrate dry-mixed mortar, help the environmental protection "blue sky defense war", re

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Dry-mixed mortar has grown from the European construction market in the 1950s. Today, dry-mixed mortar is used as the main mortar material in Germany, Austria, Finland and other countries.  In Germany alone,  there are factories with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons.  More than 200, with an average of 500,000 people own a dry mortar production enterprise.

  [Green City City] Guolong Industrial 3D substrate dry-mixed mortar, help the environmental protection "blue sky defense war", re

In Asia, dry-mixed mortars in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places are also developing rapidly.  For example,  more than 30% of plastering mortars in Hong Kong's construction sector are dry-mixed mortars.  Since the 1990s in China, the development of dry-mixed mortar has become a trend of the original.  The use of dry-mixed mortar in Guangzhou has been promoted for six years.  The corresponding guiding policies and regulations have been gradually implemented.  The local standards for applied technical regulations have also been implemented for several years,  and local standards for Qingdao and Chongqing are also being formulated.

  [Green City City] Guolong Industrial 3D substrate dry-mixed mortar, help the environmental protection "blue sky defense war", re

With the continuous improvement of engineering quality, environmental protection requirements and civilized construction requirements, the shortcomings and limitations of mixing mortar on the construction site have become more and more prominent, and the dry-mixed mortar has gained more and more advantages due to its technical performance and social benefits. People's favor.

The so-called dry-mixed mortar (which can be divided into masonry mortar, plastering mortar, special mortar) refers to components such as cement, sand, external additives, mineral admixtures, etc., which are transported by special equipment after being mixed by concentration in a certain proportion. The used mixture is used for building masonry and plastering.

Dry-mixed mortar is further divided into ordinary dry-mixed mortar and special dry-mixed mortar. Ordinary dry-mix mortar is mainly used for masonry, plastering, floor and general waterproofing works, while special dry-mixed mortar refers to mortar with special performance requirements.

The application of dry-mixed mortar makes the construction environmentally friendly, mechanized, and simple, saves resources, and eliminates waste to protect the environment.

Dry-mixed mortar is one of the emerging dry-mixed materials in the field of building materials. According to the Guangdong Standard “Technical Specification for Dry-mixed Mortar Application DBJ/T 15-36-2004”, dry-mixed mortar refers to the production by professional manufacturers. a mixture of cement as the main binder and dry sieving fine aggregate, mineral admixture, reinforcing material and admixture in a certain ratio.

It is inevitable that dry mortar will replace traditional mortar with the needs of social development. The 3D substrate dry-mixed mortar plays a role in bonding, cushioning, protection and decoration in the construction industry in a thin layer, and the building construction and decoration engineering applications are extremely extensive.

  [Green City City] Guolong Industrial 3D substrate dry-mixed mortar, help the environmental protection "blue sky defense war", re

Why use dry mortar?

1. Compared with traditional on-site mixing mortar, it is more economical, has no storage cost of raw materials, no waste (about 20%~30% loss on site), no manual mixing costs.

2. Dry-mixed mortar is automatically produced in the factory, with stable quality, ensuring and improving the construction quality, high strength, uniform color, anti-cracking, anti-flaking and anti-seepage.

3. Waste environmental protection. Modern dry-mix mortar technology can reuse wasteful waste such as fly ash and slag, while reducing the production cost of mortar.

4. Suitable for mechanized construction, such as bulk storage, pneumatic conveying, machine spraying, etc., thereby improving construction quality, multiplying work efficiency, reducing construction cost, and greatly improving the overall efficiency of the building.

5. There is no dust on the construction site, meeting the requirements of civilized construction, reducing air pollution and benefiting the environment.

6. Dry-mixed mortar insulation technology makes building energy-saving reach more than 50%.

7. Dry-mixed mortar is an inorganic material that is non-toxic and tasteless, and is beneficial to healthy living. It is a true ecological material.

8. The production flexibility is high, and the dry-mix mortar with superior performance can be made according to different requirements and formulas, such as the application of nanotechnology.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of national environmental protection requirements, the promotion of dry-mixed mortar that meets environmental protection requirements on construction sites has become an urgent task for local construction authorities. In most parts of the country, relevant local standards and policies and regulations have been issued to actively promote dry-mix mortar. With the clearing of the policy, the market opportunity is gradually maturing, and an attractive and prosperous blue ocean is emerging. The next few years will be the golden development stage of China's dry-mix mortar industry.