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VR smart assembly house

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VR smart assembly house


| Structural System of Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence


| Technical standard


The light steel room can be customized, shaped and intelligent according to customer needs.

Housing is not only a house, but also an art, open the Internet + housing assembly-type building ecological chain, promote the development of housing industrialization, and smart life.


B&B, characteristic towns, beautiful village construction, commercial development of healthy pensions, scenic houses, toilets, public housing, various housing design, production and construction.


| Digital display of Guolong light structure residential building


| Social Benefits of Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence

Green development and circular development are the constant goals of the new economic normal. For the construction industry, it is necessary to change the unsustainable traditional extensive production methods and promote the modernization of the environmental protection and resource-saving construction industry. As a new type of house structure system, the steel structure house transforms the house from the construction site to a factory-made industrial product, reducing the quality defects that are uncontrollable on-site operations. Effectively improve the quality of assembly and construction; steel components are factory-made, in accordance with standardization, generalized process production, machining, precise cutting, high quality precision, on-site assembly and construction greatly reduce the amount of manual work. Reducing water and electricity consumption at the construction site, reducing waste discharge and dust pollution, and having a promotion advantage in today's demographic dividend subsidy and labor cost increase.


| Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence


Main structure

The bearing structure of Guolong Light Steel Structure Residential Building adopts cold-formed thin-walled light steel skeleton, which adopts high-strength and anti-corrosion steel coil plate (yield strength 550Mpa, zinc-aluminum alloy gold plating thickness 270g/m2), and the steel thickness is 0.75mm or higher. Special equipment for computer-aided manufacturing is directly rolled into various types of structural members according to design requirements. The vertical load-bearing member of the whole structure adopts close-packed column, the maximum column spacing is 600mm; the plane load-bearing member and the roof adopt the purlin net, the grid size is 600X600mm; the floor (ground) surface adopts the truss beam, the maximum medium distance is 1200mm, the door and window The beam is made of small truss. The whole process of production and production of steel structure is completed by professional equipment controlled by computer software, which ensures the precision of component manufacturing and realizes the change of millimeter error of traditional building mode to millimeter error of factory manufacturing. Cold-exaggerated thin-walled steel members are subjected to relatively large external loads with relatively few materials, and are not simply obtained by increasing the cross-sectional area but by changing the cross-sectional shape. According to the calculation, the cold-bending thin-walled steel with the same cross-sectional area can be increased by 80% compared with the hot-rolled steel, and the moment of inertia and the area moment can be increased by 50-180%. Considering the cold-bending effect of the material, it can generally be improved. The design strength is 10-15%. The wall and roof structure of the cold-formed thin-walled steel building residential system form a solid * rib structure between the truss structure and the outer wall panel. At the same time, all structural materials are made of high-strength steel, which is resistant to horizontal and vertical loads. Improve, so earthquake resistance. It has good wind resistance and light damage, and is more suitable for use in harsh environments such as earthquake-prone areas and mountainous areas. Tests have shown that it can withstand a 9-degree earthquake (9 degrees to meet the requirements of non-collapse) and a 60m / s hurricane. The occupants' lives and property can be effectively protected.


Envelope structure

The wall national protection structure of Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence adopts lightweight high-strength enclosing materials, generally oriented structure, flower board, cement fiber board, plywood, gypsum board, etc., with good processing performance, fire rating and nail holding power. The interior and exterior wall decoration construction. The filler between the inner and outer siding is generally rock wool or fiberglass cotton. 3D shotcrete, foamed cement board or other deep temperature insulation materials can play a good role in fire prevention and energy saving.


Wall structure

The outer walls of Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence are generally light and waterproof. Insulation composite panels, such as insulation decorative panels, metal carved panels, wood-plastic exterior panels, cement fiber wood panels, etc. Achieving a functional and decorative system. The interior walls, floors, ceilings and other interior decoration of light steel houses can be made of traditional decoration materials or wood-plastic plates and micro-nano-negative oxygen ions produced by our company according to different needs of customers for cost and effect. New materials such as interior decorative panels.


Roof structure

he roofing system of Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence is basically the same as the wall structure. The national shield is waterproofed and then paved with light roofing tiles (asphalt tiles, resin tiles, metal tiles). Solar panels can also be installed according to customer needs to meet the energy needs of the home itself.


| Schematic


| VR smart house construction process

Guolong Light Steel Structure Residence is a new green environmental protection product that Guolong people have followed the development trend of domestic and international building industrialization and after unremitting technical research and development and engineering practice. The materials used in this product (cold-bend thin-walled light steel C-shaped steel or U-shaped steel connecting parts, structural plates, thermal insulation, sound-insulating materials, etc.) are all industrialized products, which greatly reduce the quality factors of the components and can be easily carried out. Quality control. The component size control reaches the millimeter level, which provides a good foundation for the later renovation project.

Industrialization of production provides sufficient space for the scale and industrialization of the building structure system. Except that the foundation is constructed according to the traditional structure (the foundation engineering quantity is also smaller than the foundation of the traditional reinforced concrete structure form), the construction of the steel structure house is fully realized. The factory prefabrication and on-site assembly construction are mainly applicable to low-rise residential houses, dormitories, villas, farmhouses, barracks, small hospitals, small commercial buildings, roofs of large buildings, floors and small towns.


Guolong, through unremitting production research and development and technical trials, has made a decisive breakthrough in the selection of lightweight high-strength wall materials and protective materials, making it a reality for heavy steel structure houses to enter the residential market. Guolongping steel structure house adopts anti-corrosion high-strength H-shaped steel and C-shaped steel with equal section or variable section as load-bearing structure, and C-type, Z-type purlin and inter-column support as auxiliary connecting pieces, fixed by bolts or welding, wall material The self-produced lightweight wall board is used, and the interior and exterior decoration materials are all light and shock-resistant plates or profiles, which can reduce the self-weight of the house to the greatest extent without reducing the load-bearing performance, and perfectly satisfy the structure and heat preservation of the residential buildings. Decoration and many other requirements. Compared with light steel structure houses, Guolong heavy steel structure houses are more in line with the requirements of high-rise and large-span buildings.

Guolong Heavy Steel Structure Residential Building is deeply embedded in BIM technology (Building Information Management Technology), which has information integrity, information relevance and information consistency. It has eight characteristics of visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and imageability. It solves the problems of complex modeling and material selection of heavy steel rooms, and makes a reasonable distribution. It is a new and safe green house.


| Guolong Heavy Steel Structure Integrated Residence has the following advantages:

01. Light weight, strong load bearing and large span

Compared with the traditional steel bricks, the steel structure is light and heavy, but its carrying capacity is very strong! The white body load of the same layout house is only about 1/3 of the former, but the bearing capacity is almost the same, not only can it be reduced. The requirements for the foundation of the foundation are also more transportable. construction. The building style is more flexible and flexible, with a large open design. The indoor space can be divided into multiple plans to meet the different needs of different customers.

02. Good toughness, high seismic performance

The standardized production of the factory is determined that the load-bearing members of the steel structure are made of uniform materials, and the stress performance of each part is close, and it is not as easy to be affected by human factors as reinforced concrete. Steel members have good plasticity and will not be broken by sudden breakage due to accidental overload or local overload. The toughness is good, so that the steel structure has strong adaptability to the dynamic load, and the steel structure is light, and the steel structure is shockproof. Wind resistance is far superior to traditional houses. In terms of ensuring the safety of the homeowner’s personal property and the hardship of the house itself. The advantage is obvious!

03.Strong corrosion resistance

The steel structure house is made of high-strength anti-corrosion heavy steel as the load-bearing structure, and the wall is made of Class A fire-proof lightweight wall board. The building materials are all new building materials with fireproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, which will give you a safe and comfortable living experience.

04. Industrial production

Easy to manufacture, high precision A large number of steel structures are manufactured in specialized metal structure manufacturers: easy to produce and high precision. The finished components are assembled to the site for assembly and bolted for convenient construction. In addition, the completed steel structure is also easy to disassemble, reinforce or retrofit.

05. Construction and installation cycle is short

The beams, columns, wall panels and roofs are all assembled by means of installation. Only the reinforced concrete is cast in the slab. The construction speed is fast. Compared with the traditional houses that can be built in a year and a half, the construction period can be shortened by 2/. 3 to the top! 300 square meters of the house, 5 workers easily get it for 1 month!

06. Energy saving and emission reduction, belonging to green building

The wall adopts light energy-saving standardized prefabricated wallboard instead of clay bricks. Sand, stone, cement and water are used less. More than 80% of the materials can be recycled, saving energy and protecting the environment, especially at the construction site, with lower pollution.

07.Flexible decoration

The steel structure itself has a natural thick feeling and decoration. It can hold up the face without the need for other materials to be worn, and with other decoration elements, it is full of modernity!

VR smart assembly house


BIM heavy steel structure residential

The heavy steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of steel and steel plates, and the joints, bolts or rivets are usually connected between the components or components. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it has been widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rises, etc., but in residential buildings, it is difficult to achieve high human settlement standards and waterproof and anti-corrosion because of wall materials and enclosure materials. Problems such as structural design and development are slow.

Antique tile


Asphalt tile

Metal tile

Resin tile

Wall structure

Roof structure

Floor structure

Computer drawing


Keel production


Keel assembly


Foundation construction


One layer wall installation


Floor beam installation


Two-story wall installation


Roof truss installation


Structure completed


Exterior decoration


Interior decoration


Construction completion map


Construction waste from traditional houses

New light steel house

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