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Wood plastic outdoor plate

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Wood plastic outdoor plate


It is recommended to clean the wood-plastic products regularly to prevent dust accumulation or various stains from being more difficult to remove after long-term non-cleaning. If the wood-plastic products - if there are stains and not sure which cleaning method can be well removed, it is recommended to clean the wood-plastic stained area - a small part for testing to prevent the color difference of the cleaning part Large, if the effect is good, and then use this method to remove other stain areas, you can use the faucet to directly wash the dust, dirt and soil of wood-plastic products.

Continuous use for 8 years in a 40-60 degree environment still guarantees no deformation, no cracking, and no paint maintenance.

Environmental safety

Excellent flame retardant performance, non-slip, no burr,

It does not contain toxic substances and formaldehyde and can be recovered 100%.

Anti-deformation, acid and alkali resistance, strong nail holding, high tensile strength, elastic modulus higher than pvc by more than 20%.

Easy to install, cut, fix or paste,

No need for frequent maintenance and no need for waterproof seal protection.

Natural wood feel, a variety of surface treatments and color choices, no need to spray.

| Guolong Technology Solar Wood Plastic Flooring, you can see the floor of the stars

Guolong Technology Solar Wood Plastic Floor, which is being developed by Guolong Technology, is a floor that can see stars.

Solar wood plastic floor, each floor is equipped with only electric crystal plate and four LED sensor lights. During the day, it absorbs solar energy. When the light darkness reaches a certain level, the LED lights on the four corners of the floor will be illuminated. It is.

Not only beautiful, solar wood flooring also has a strong preventive ability!!

★ Fireproof, moisture-proof, will not rot, you can use it with confidence.

★Insect-proof and termite-proof, effectively isolate insect harassment and prolong service life.

★High fire resistance, can be effectively flame retardant, can extinguish itself when exposed to fire, and will not generate harmful gases.

It is mainly used for long-term municipal engineering and outdoor landscape projects in various environments such as park plank roads, trestles, hydrophilic platforms, communities, villas, ports, docks, and seaside wetlands.

| Product keeper

Wood-plastic outdoor plates, also known as plastic wood, ecological wood, environmentally-friendly wood, etc., are made of wood fiber, bamboo chips, rice husks and other natural fiber materials as the main raw materials, adding a small amount of chemical additives, and plasticizing and extruding through special equipment. The new building materials can be applied to outdoor pavilions, pavements, and exterior decoration.

Product performance


Strong and sturdy

Easy to operate

Beautiful and diverse

Long life

Production Process


Application range




Bridge bar



Wall panel

Landscape pavilion

Garden bench

Trash can

Flower boxes

Product type specification

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