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Insulation decoration integrated board

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Insulation decoration integrated board


Polystyrene particle board (EPS):

| Development history of exterior wall insulation system

| Insulation decoration integrated board test report


| Insulation decoration integrated board test report


| Insulation decorative board exterior wall insulation system test report


| XPS insulation decoration integrated board test report


| Rock wool insulation decoration integrated board test report


China's building energy efficiency has experienced three stages of energy saving 30%, 50% and 65%. Guolong Anteuo insulation decoration integrated board is a new type of green environmental protection exterior wall material that came into being under the standard requirements of energy saving of 65%. Guolong Antno exterior wall insulation and decoration board is a lightweight and energy-saving finished board with exclusive patent technology. It is the newest high-performance building decoration material under the era of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. It is low-carbon, environmentally friendly and light. Quality and safety, heat preservation and energy saving, stable and non-deformation, high-strength and durable weather resistance, perfect decorative finish and many other high-end performances in the body, fully respond to the mainstream and future development trends of the times, completely changing the high energy consumption and high resource consumption of traditional building materials. Many defects, such as non-renewable and safe safety hazards, are excellent substitutes for traditional architectural decoration materials such as stone, aluminum, wallboard, ceramic plates and wall tiles. The board is fireproof, heat-insulated, decorated in - body, can be dry hanging, wet and affixed, light weight, factory production, can be cut freely, a variety of installation modes to ensure the same life of the product and the building.


Low cost

Light weight
Easy and convenient construction

High mechanical safety

Perfect decorative performance

Superior weather resistance

Excellent fire performance

Excellent waterproof performance

It is suitable for the insulation and energy saving of exterior walls of various residential buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings newly built, expanded and rebuilt.

Suitable for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings.
Applicable to building insulation panels for energy-saving enclosure systems for frame structures.

| The outstanding advantages of Guolong Anteruo insulation decoration board

1. Industrial production, stable quality and controllable quality. Henan Guolong has a complete product quality management system and the most advanced automatic painting production line. The production process of thermal insulation decorative one-body board is controlled by automation equipment, which realizes the integration of finished coating, thermal insulation and final thermal insulation decoration. The construction process has been reduced, and the traditional uncertain and uncontrollable on-site construction has been changed into a certain and controllable mechanized production, which provides the most powerful guarantee for product quality and construction quality.

2. Good fire performance. The base material and insulation material of Guolong Anteuo insulation decoration board have excellent fireproof performance, are incombustible or incombustible, and will not produce toxic gas at high temperature.

3. Low coefficient of thermal expansion and good structural stability. The linear expansion coefficient of the thermal insulation material is closely related to the thermal stability of the material. If the linear expansion coefficient of the material is large, after the thermal insulation structure is heated, the internal deformation will generate a large stress, and when the temperature changes drastically, the thermal insulation structure will be damaged. Guolong Antno insulation decoration - the thermal expansion coefficient of the material selected by the body plate is in the national standard, and the structural stability is strictly controlled in the production and construction process, which can effectively improve the engineering quality and service life.

4. Waterproof and moisture proof. The basic material selection of the national Longan special insulation board is generally waterproof, calcium silicate version, the insulation material is also subjected to strict water treatment, and the wall structure, sheet joint and yin and yang angle are also treated in the construction process. The well-considered waterproofing requirements, combined with the unique anti-negative breathing technology, minimize the impact and damage of the external wall insulation system in rain, snow and wet weather.

5. Variety of products and high degree of freedom, providing more possibilities for architectural design. Guolong Insulation Decoration One-body facing materials, thermal insulation core materials and even base layer panels can be customized according to customer requirements to meet different needs of customers for construction, insulation and decoration effects.

6. Long service life. The surface decoration layer of the heat-insulating decorative board adopts super weather-resistant paint surface coating, which has a decorative life of 15-25 years, and the overall structural stability is over 30-50 years. If the decorative effect of the decorative surface needs to be replaced, it is sprayed directly on the architectural decorative layer. can.

7. The bending, impact and bending strengths are all high and strong, durable and weather resistant. Guolong Antno Insulation Decoration - The advanced production process of the body board, deepening the epoxy primer deep into the high-strength base material, completely sealing the pores, effectively preventing cracking and ash whitening, and maintaining the original appearance color, as long as new After 80 heat/rain cycles and 20 heat/cold cycles, 40 times of freeze-thaw resistance test, the finish layer did not show any crack, blistering, peeling and other damage, and the structural life can reach more than 25 years.

8. Excellent decorative effect, high cost performance, cost is one-third of stone and curtain wall. The lacquer surface of Guolong Antno Insulation Decoration Panel can be customized according to the architectural style. The lacquer surface is diversified, the lines are decorative and the details are well treated, which realizes the uniformity of heat preservation and decoration.

9. Construction is civilized and the environment is good. The construction of Guolong Antno insulation and decoration panel has almost negligible impact on the surrounding environment. There is no construction waste and low noise. It is especially suitable for the external wall reconstruction of existing buildings, which can effectively reduce the interference to users' work and life. To the lowest.

10. The installation process is convenient, the construction operation is simple, and the safety factor is high. The installation and fixing of Guolong Antno insulation and decoration board is double-protected by bonded mortar (or adhesive) and special fasteners, and the construction period is shortened by more than 35% compared with traditional curtain wall materials. After testing, in the case of complete failure of the mortar, only the Guolong Anteuo insulation decorative panel external wall system fixed with 6-8 special fasteners per square meter, no damage occurred after the 4.4Kpa wind pressure test.

11. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, high efficiency and energy saving. The insulation core materials used in the Guolong Anteuo insulation decoration board are strictly insulated and heat-insulated. The thermal conductivity is 0.024-0.040W/m.K, which can guarantee more than 65% energy saving effect in alpine regions.

12. The product has light weight and good processing performance, which can meet the construction requirements in various environments. Insulation decoration - the body plate is very light, to a large extent. It reduces the weight load of the building body, does not affect the building capacity, and can reduce the input cost in the design. In addition, the installation process is simple, and the matching material system is relatively light. The plate can also be cut according to the customer's needs, which is very suitable for the façade of various new and old buildings in the harsh climate.

|  Guolong Antno insulation decoration one-body board selection criteria


In the developed countries of the world, the development of external wall insulation systems has a history of more than 30 years, and has formed dozens of application systems. The test methods and inspection standards of corresponding materials and auxiliary parts have also been gradually established. The importance that developed countries attach to building energy efficiency and the adoption of some effective measures have achieved great results, resulting in a significant decline in building energy consumption throughout the country.

In China, external thermal insulation has been developed on the basis of learning and introducing advanced foreign technology for more than 20 years, combined with a large number of scientific research, development and pilot projects. From the previous single foamed polystyrene board fiberglass mesh reinforced polymer mortar plastering system (now called expanded polystyrene board thin plastering system), there are many systems using different materials and different practices. External thermal insulation has become an important and dominant building energy-saving measure in China and has been widely used in various projects.

Anteno insulation decorative board can be customized to a variety of colors; real stone paint, fluorocarbon paint, colorful paint can be customized according to the color plate; temperature material thickness material can also be customized.

2 Imitation granite paint: Perform the standard "HG/T4343-2012" imitation stone paint (water-in-water). Should meet the crack resistance, decorative and protective properties, and have good stain resistance; the alkali-resistant primer is made of silicone-acrylic emulsion; the stone-like paint (water-in-water) is made of silicone-acrylic emulsion; the cover (light) The paint is covered with fluorocarbon; the acid resistance is no abnormality for 48h, the alkali resistance is no abnormality for 96h, the salt spray resistance is 500h, and the artificial aging is ≥1000h.

3 Rock wool belt: It adopts the vertical rock wool belt of Lishui, the bulk density is z140kg/m3, the acidity coefficient is ≥1.8, the drowning rate is ≥98%, the fireproof grade is grade A, and the thermal conductivity is ≤0.043.

4 perforated backboard: density ≥ 1.20g / cm3, thickness ≥ 4mm, the implementation of the standard "JC/564.1-2008".

5 compound glue: using two-component polyurethane glue. Performance indicators should meet:

Tensile bonding strength of panel and thermal insulation material (rock wool belt): original strength 20.15Mpa, water resistance strength 20.15Mpa.

2, the auxiliary material composition: one-piece special adhesive + stainless steel anchor + sealant, etc.

1Integrated adhesive for integrated board: Imported brand rubber powder, standard JG/T287-2013, performance indicators should meet:

Tensile bond strength (with cement base): original strength z0.6Mpa, water resistance ≥0.4Mpa;

(with thermal insulation decorative board): original strength 20.15Mpa, water resistance ≥ 0.15Mpa;

2 stainless steel anchor: the standard value of tensile load of single anchor is ≥0.6KN, the material of anchor is 304 stainless steel, the anchor is made of polyamide, it should be fixed on the decorative panel of the integrated board or slotted from the side of the board. It is strictly forbidden to be fixed on the insulation material.

3 sealant: using silicone weatherproof sealant, the implementation of standards: GB/14683-2003. Dry time ≤ 3h, elastic recovery rate ≥ 80%, fixed adhesion: no damage, fixed adhesion after immersion: no damage. The mass loss rate is ≤10%. Resistant to artificial aging for 5000h.


| The structural composition of Guolong Anteruo insulation decoration integrated board

Guolong Anteuo insulation decoration one body plate is composed of veneer layer, base material board and heat insulation core material. The base layer board is thickened sanding, primer penetration, roller type middle coating, UV drying, topcoat spraying, film coating. After the process, the heat-insulating core material is pressed together to form a finished one-body plate. Guolong Anteuo insulation decoration - the veneer finish layer is generally fluorocarbon metal paint, fluorocarbon solid paint, real stone paint, colorful paint, imitation stone paint, texture paint, imitation marble paint, rock lacquer, culture stone, Ultra-thin stone, etc.; the substrate board is generally calcium silicate board, glass magnesium board, cement fiber board, metal board or other functional board; the insulation core material includes XPS (extruded polystyrene foam board), EPS (polystyrene) Foam insulation board), PUR (polyurethane), rock wool, phenolic, STP vacuum ultra-thin insulation board, graphite board, foamed cement board, glass wool, etc., can be freely combined and customized. Similar blending insulation decoration - - The components of the body plate are compounded by chemical or physical means such as bonding, machining, etc., even in temperature change, sunshine, rain, snow, frost, severe cold, high temperature, acid and alkali, etc. In the environment, the stability of the system can be guaranteed. Guolong Anteuo insulation decoration integrated board from system design, to the purchase of main raw materials to supporting materials, to the fully automated production (UV transfer) of the clean room, to the processing technology, joint cold bridge treatment and construction details, the whole process is 65 % building energy-saving design requirements, more than the traditional energy-saving insulation construction practices, better thermal insulation function, especially suitable for office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, residential and other external wall insulation and energy-saving decoration and outside the old buildings Wall renovation and renovation.


| Field installation method


| Insulation


Extruded board (XPS):

Take the real stone paint rock wool insulation integrated board as an example, including installation and construction accessories.

1. Main material composition: non-asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board + imitation granite lacquer + rock wool belt + perforated back sheet (calcium silicate board) + compound glue

1 Calcium silicate board panel: density ≥ 1.40g / cm3, thickness ≥ 8mm, the implementation of the standard "JC / 564.1-2008" meets the following requirements:

Moisture content: ≤10% heat shrinkage rate: ≤0.5%

Thermal conductivity: ≤ 0.25 W / (m. K)

Impervious: Allows wet marks within 24h, no water droplets; flexural strength: ≥13Mpa under saturated conditions

Fire rating: GB 8624-2006 A grade non-combustible material frost resistance test: 50 times in hot summer and cold winter area

Heat-resistant rain performance test: After 50 cycles of thermal rain, the panel does not show cracks, delamination or other defects.

Heat-resistant water performance test: After 60 days of immersion in 60 ° C water, the ratio of the fatigue strength of the test piece to the comparative test piece is ≥ 0.80.

Dry and wet resistance test: After 50 times of immersion-drying cycle, the ratio of the tensile strength of the test piece to the comparative test piece is 20.75.

Polyurethane board (PU):

A continuous and superficial honeycomb structure made of polystyrene resin and other additives. The thick plates of these honeycomb structures are free of voids. The closed-cell structure of thermal insulation material It can have different pressures (150-500Kpa) and has the same low thermal conductivity (only 0.028W/MK) and excellent long-term insulation and compression resistance. The compressive strength can reach 220-500Kpa, and the fire rating is B1 level.

Polyurethane material is one of the best performance insulation materials in the world. The main chain contains a kind of NHCOO-repetitive structural unit of a kind of polymer, which is formed by polymerization of isocyanate (monomer) and hydroxy compound. Due to its strong polar urethane group, it is insoluble in non-polar groups and has good oil resistance, toughness, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and adhesion.

A polystyrene foam sheet having a closed cell structure obtained by heating and pre-expanding expandable polystyrene beads in a mold, having a thermal conductivity of 0.041 W/MK and a fire rating of B2-B1 . W/M.K, fire rating is B1-A2.


Composite foamed cement board:

Phenolic board:

Rock wool board:

Foamed cement board is non-combustible material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and low-carbon. It is a new type of material strongly promoted by the country. Its fireproof performance reaches A1 grade; high compressive strength, thermal conductivity of 0.045 W/MK, and strong adhesion to concrete. The expansion coefficient is consistent and the service life is consistent with the building.

Phenolic foam has the reputation of “king of insulation materials” and is a new generation of thermal insulation and sound insulation materials. It has the properties of light weight, fireproof, non-burning, smokeless, non-toxic, non-drip, etc. The thermal conductivity is 0.022-0.030W/M.K, and the fire rating is B1-A2.

The inorganic fiber board, which is made of basalt as the main raw material and melted at high temperature, is one of the best fireproof materials at present, with a thermal conductivity of 0.040 W/mk and a fire rating of A1.


The full name is graphite molded polystyrene foam board, the thermal conductivity is 0.032 W/MK, and the fireproof grade is B1 grade; not only the flame retardant used in the fireproofing of ordinary polystyrene board, but also the infrared reflector mixed in the raw material, Fireproof performance is stronger, more stable and reliable.

Graphite Sheet (SEPS):

| Finishing layer


Colorful paint finish:

Rock lacquer finish:

Real stone paint:

Rich in color, beautiful in appearance, strong in simulation, full of three-dimensional feeling; waterproof and crack resistant, water and alkali resistant, washable, stain resistant, weather resistant; low cost and wide application.

Rock lacquer is also called granite granitic paint, granite stone lacquer, rich in granite style, granite connotation, granite noble, granite grade, is an upgraded version of traditional natural stone paint.

Made of natural materials, the real stone paint has good weather resistance, color retention, mildew proof, dryness, no aging, and increased building life. The real stone paint has a slight extension, effectively covering the fine cracks, and has many advantages such as crack prevention, sound absorption, flexibility, and collision resistance. True stone paint has rich expressiveness, strong three-dimensional effect, good plasticity, and its hardness is comparable to that of granite.


Metal fluorocarbon paint surface:

Solid color fluorocarbon paint surface:

Liquid imitation marble paint:

Compared with ordinary fluorocarbon paint, fluorocarbon metallic paint has metal flash, flash point or metal texture, stable chemical properties, good mechanical properties, good gloss and color retention performance, and the coating can maintain long-term discoloration.

Excellent weather resistance, durability and alkali resistance; water resistance, scratch resistance, anti-pollution and self-cleaning; strong fullness, smoothness, no powdering, no cracking; bright color, gloss-consistent.

In addition to the texture difference of the material, the imitation marble paint is almost no different from the natural stone. It can be easily applied to various occasions to decorate the walls, columns, columns, and various shaped decorative surfaces to give them a natural stone effect.


Texture paint is a latex paint that can make a texture effect. The textured paint is characterized by its endless three-dimensional texture and multi-selective personality, showing a unique spatial perspective, rich and vivid, and refreshing. Bringing the smooth era of wall coatings into a new era of natural and environmentally-friendly embossing.

Texture paint:

Product composition

Product advantages

Application range

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