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Premixed dry mortar

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Premixed dry mortar


This product is designed for the factory floor where the ground wear condition is more serious, and the wear resistance is twice that of ordinary self-leveling mortar.

Product Features

Dry-mixed masonry mortar is a special modified dry mortar designed and produced by high-quality polymer. The improved cement dry powder material is made of high-quality cement, selected fine aggregate and polymer additives. It only needs to be added after adding water on the construction site. It is required to be mechanically stirred and used.

It has good workability, strong adhesion, low shrinkage, excellent workability and excellent water retention. It can ensure the effective bonding of mortar on the base of dry block. It is ready to use water, stable in quality, convenient in construction, low in consumption and light in weight, and meets the technical requirements of the M5 grade of dry-mixed masonry mortar in JG/T 230-2007 "Premixed Mortar".

| Premixed dry mortar

Dry-mixed mortar is an emerging building material, which refers to aggregates (such as quartz sand), inorganic cementitious materials (such as cement) and additives (such as cellulose ether and coagulant) that are dried and screened by professional manufacturers. a granular or powdery mixture which is physically mixed according to a certain ratio, and is transported to the construction site in the form of bag or bulk. The material which can be directly used after mixing with water is also called dry mixed mortar and mortar dry powder. , dry mix, dry mix powder, etc. Dry-mixed mortar plays a role in bonding, cushioning, protection and decoration in a thin layer in the construction industry, and is widely used in construction and decoration engineering.

Social benefits of dry mortar

With the technological progress of the construction industry and the requirements of civilized construction, on-site mixing mortar has increasingly shown its inherent defects, such as unstable mortar quality, large material waste, single mortar variety, low degree of civilized construction and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is imperative to eliminate the on-site mixing of mortar and the use of industrially produced premixed dry-mixed mortar. It is to ensure the quality of construction projects, improve the modernization level of construction, realize comprehensive utilization of resources, reduce urban pollution, improve the atmospheric environment, and develop bulk. Cement is an important measure to achieve sustainable development.

Characteristics of dry mortar

1) The quality is stable and reliable, which can meet different functional and performance requirements and improve engineering quality.

2) The variety is complete.

3) The improvement of efficiency is conducive to the application of automated construction equipment and changing the backward way of traditional construction.

4) A wide range of applications.

5) Easy to use and easy to manage.

6) Environmentally friendly and high social benefits.

Dry mortar storage

1. Different types of bulk green-built city-state dry-mixed mortars should be stored separately in special bulk mobile silos, and should not be mixed and mixed, and the silos should be marked and remotely monitored. The special dry-mixed mortar silo of Green City City meets the requirements of the current industry standard SB/T10461-2008 "dry-mixed mortar bulk moving silos" and is installed at the construction site. The number of silos at the construction site should meet the mortar type and construction requirements. When replacing the mortar type, the silo should be emptied.

2. The bagged dry-mixed mortar should be stored in a place that is dry, ventilated, damp-proof, and free of rain. It should be stacked separately according to the variety and batch number. It should not be mixed and used first, and should be used first. The organic materials in the supporting components should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place away from fire and heat sources. They should not be stored in the open air and exposed to the sun. The storage environment temperature should be 5 °C ~ 35 °C.

3. In the process of storage and use of bulk dry-mixed mortar, when there is doubt or controversy about the uniformity of mortar quality, the uniformity should be checked regularly according to the relevant provisions of GB/T25181-2010.

Ground mortar

Product Features

        Dry mixed ground mortar has excellent fluidity, compressive strength and impermeability. The flat ground can be formed by simple vibration leveling, which is a ground impermeability mortar directly bonded to the ground structure. Suitable for new construction and maintenance of ground works, primary or waterproof floors of residential or commercial buildings, which can be supplemented with wooden floors, ceramic tiles, rubber flooring, wood and carpets.

Smoothing mortar

Product Features

        The dry mixed plaster mortar is made of cement, admixture, dry sand, admixture and other ratios. It has high bonding strength, good water retention, smooth construction, no empty drum, no cracking, no powder. It is a new type of building material specially developed for modern decoration and decoration projects. It can be constructed with water and mixing at the site, saving labor and materials. The quality of this product is stable, which can effectively reduce the cracking of the plaster layer. Excellent water retention performance, reducing initial shrinkage cracking of plastering. High bond strength, excellent sag resistance, easy to plaster. It is easy to use and easy to construct, which can significantly improve construction efficiency. Effectively improve the cleanliness of the construction site, eliminating the need for stacking sites for large-scale raw materials such as cement and yellow sand, which can save a lot of manpower.

        The plastering mortar is the most used plastering mortar in construction engineering. Its function is to evenly spread on various wall surfaces to protect the wall and the ground from the wind and rain and harmful impurities, improve the moisture, corrosion and weather resistance. Durability; at the same time, the building can achieve a smooth, clean and beautiful surface.

Masonry mortar

| Special mortar

This product is specially designed for cement-based self-leveling and has high wear resistance and fluidity.

Quick and hard repair mortar with high strength, high wear resistance and high bonding characteristics, suitable for repairing concrete parts, pavements, airports, tunnels and other repair projects.

Expansion repair mortar additive is suitable for honeycomb, pockmark, hole, corner and other defects repair and large-area repair in different parts of concrete members.

This product can be widely used in various building interior and exterior wall insulation levels to solve the problem of insulation layer cracking, high tensile strength, easy construction and anti-freezing.

This product is mainly used for road repair, road and bridge engineering reinforcement, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, rail and steel structure installation, wall structure thickening and repair, grouting of various basic projects.

This product is a cement-based adhesive developed for the special paste of mosaic. It is suitable for the paste of glass mosaic, environmentally friendly, beautiful and does not hurt the primer.

This product is an upgraded product of common grouting material, with higher fluidity and viscosity, suitable for higher requirements grouting engineering treatment.

This product is specifically designed for tile bonding. It has the characteristics of convenient transportation, stable quality and simplified production process.

This product is mainly used for highway bridge and culvert construction to prevent corrosion of prestressed steel and to ensure effective stress transmission between prestressed beam and concrete structure.

This product is mainly used to treat the joint between the wall and the insulation layer and to improve the adhesion of the base or insulation surface.

This product mainly improves the bonding strength of all kinds of masonry and base surface, and can greatly improve the anti-sagging performance of ceramic tile and tile adhesive.

This product is made of vitrified microbeads as lightweight aggregate and vitrified microbead insulation rubber powder. It is mixed and evenly mixed according to a certain proportion. It is mainly used for exterior and exterior insulation of exterior walls.

This product is mainly used for highway bridge and culvert construction to prevent corrosion of prestressed steel and to ensure effective stress transmission between prestressed beam and concrete structure.

This product is specially designed for repairing and reinforcing mortar. It is suitable for honeycomb, pockmark, hole, corner and other defects in different parts of concrete components.

This product is mainly used for repairing and strengthening the surface defects of concrete pavements such as expressways with high construction speed and quality requirements, smoothing of uneven surfaces, and thickening of protective layers.

This product is made up of polystyrene pellets as lightweight aggregate and thermal insulation rubber powder in a certain proportion. The exterior and exterior insulation of the building exterior wall can be used, the construction is convenient, and the heat preservation effect is good.

Spray the slurry and heat the polystyrene particles. The supporting light steel is the wall frame instead of the traditional block for wall construction. It has unique advantages in terms of cost reduction, contraction period, material saving, high quality, safe and civilized construction, ensuring environmental protection and sanitation, etc. Substructure construction.

Industry Standard

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