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City sponge brick

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City sponge brick


| Applications

| City sponge brick

Urban sponge bricks, as the name suggests, are bricks that will be permeable to water and breathable. The city sponge brick is made of concrete, sandstone, but it is like life, making a silent contribution to the development of the city. In large cities, the pavement of urban sponge bricks is easy to supplement the underground soil with water resources, which is cleaner than ordinary cement roads and reduces environmental pollution caused by rainwater cross-flow. Urban sponge bricks can release water vapor when the surface water evaporates, increasing the humidity of the air and providing a better production environment for the growth of urban plants.


| City sponge brick advantages

1. Urban sponge bricks have good water permeability and air permeability, which can make rainwater quickly penetrate into the ground, replenish soil water and groundwater, maintain soil moisture, and improve the living conditions of urban ground plants and soil microorganisms.

2. Urban sponge bricks can absorb water and heat, adjust the temperature and humidity of the local space of the surface, and have a greater effect on regulating urban microclimate and alleviating urban heat island effect.

3. Urban sponge bricks can reduce urban drainage and flood control pressure, and have good effects on preventing pollution of public waters and treating sewage.

4. The city sponge bricks do not accumulate water after the rain, and do not slip after the snow, so that the citizens can travel safely.

5. The surface of the urban sponge brick is slightly concave and convex, which prevents the road surface from being reflected and absorbs the noise generated when the vehicle is running, which can improve the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

6.urban sponge bricks are rich in color, natural and simple, economical, and diverse in specifications.

| City sponge brick type


Production of raw materials:

The surface layer mainly uses yellow sand, quartz sand, white cement and water permeable agent, and the base layer mainly uses stone, water slag and cement. The water permeability is over 80%.

Product performance:

The average tensile strength of cleavage is ≥4.3MPa, and the minimum value of single block is ≥4.1MPa.

Dutch brick:

Model: 300x 150x 60 Model: 200x 100x 60


| Main purpose

Urban sponge bricks include Dutch bricks, ordinary bricks, stone along the road, slope protection bricks, and sand-permeable bricks.

Can be used in squares, gardens, factory areas, parking lots, sidewalks, and roads with low traffic and loads.

Permeable concrete pavement can also be used for motor vehicle lanes



In addition to the above colors, customers can also choose their own color according to their own needs, our company can adjust the process to achieve the user's desired color.

Industry Standard

City sponge brick test report

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