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Light wall panel

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Light wall panel


Because of its high strength and good overall performance, it can be used as a wall with a high layer height and a large span. As long as the steel structure is simply anchored, the steel is buried in the wall, and the wall with large span and height is not needed. The cylinder of the wall is increased, the impact resistance is 1.5 times that of the general masonry, and the maximum single-layer construction height is 16.8 meters.

After testing, the pool made of Guolong 3 lightweight wall panels, without any waterproof finish, remained dry outside the tank after one year without leaving any water marks. Condensed water drops do not appear on the walls during wet weather. It has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and does not appear to be loosened, returned to halogen, deformed, and reduced in strength due to moisture absorption. It can be applied to wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms.

| Light wall panel

The lightweight wall panel has the advantages of light weight, increased utility area, reduced transportation cost and on-site civilized construction. It is energy-saving, lightweight, solid, thin, soundproof, heat-insulated, anti-freezing, fireproof, waterproof, shockproof, nailable, According to the data, the construction of the slatable line pipe is convenient, there is no construction waste, no plastering, shortening the construction period, increasing the practical space, reducing the main load and reducing the comprehensive cost.

        Our company developed and produced new lightweight wall panels according to the needs of modern building materials. The birth of new lightweight wall panels marks the inevitable trend of wall materials - replacing traditional brick blocks. The new architectural concept and superior performance meet the requirements of the modern environment, and the new lightweight wall panel is an inevitable trend in the future development.


Lightweight decorative wall panel hydropower preset Guolong Technology integrates and innovates traditional calcium silicate surface light wall panels, and continuously introduces integrated new products. The current research results have decorative integrated calcium silicate surface light wall Body panels, aluminum-plastic panel light wall panels, triple-panel lightweight wall panels, BIM built-in hydropower pipelines, lightweight wall panels, etc., taking into account the structure of the house and the interior and exterior decoration, can meet the national housing and assembly rate of new residential products Requirements.

| Ten advantages of lightweight wall panels


The EPS polystyrene granules used in Guolong lightweight wall panels have good thermal insulation properties, can achieve the effect of heat preservation and energy saving, and can greatly reduce the power cost of air-conditioning, which is the best choice for energy conservation. All raw materials are in compliance with national environmental protection requirements, the production process is non-polluting, and there is no waste during the installation process.


The cement fiberboard on the surface of the Guolong lightweight wall panel, the EPS raw polystyrene particles in the internal raw materials and the concave-convex groove joining process between the plates and the plates have good sound absorption and sound insulation properties.

Guolong lightweight wall panels have excellent fire performance. Tested by the National Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the fire resistance time is 4 hours, and the non-combustibility meets the national A-level standard. It can limit the fire and the poisonous gas to the fire area, prevent the fire from spreading, and avoid the loss of major life and property. It is a fire prevention concept that prevention is better than salvation.

It is made of pure natural vermiculite, high-purity quartz powder, inorganic fiber and EPS polyphenyl granules which are cured by high temperature and high pressure steam. The honeycomb structure inside the _ upper body ensures its good thermal insulation function.

The dry construction operation can be sawed, cut, drilled and opened, and the construction and assembly are realized. The installation speed is 6-7 times of the efficiency of the traditional block construction, which greatly reduces the construction period. It can be cut, adjusted in width and length according to the structure of the building, reducing the material loss rate and construction waste. The transportation is simple, the stacking is hygienic, and the construction process is clean and smooth.

The wall panel can be bonded to the building lime sand, cement slurry, etc., and the wall board paste bricks need no special treatment; any slotted wiring and drilling can be used. Directly nailing or lifting bolts to hang heavy objects, the single point hanging force is more than 50 kg. The surface of the wallboard is smooth and smooth, and no dust is generated during construction. The tiles, wallpaper, wood plaque, etc. can be directly pasted, which provides great convenience for the later decoration and work.

Guolong lightweight wall board is ten times lighter than traditional blocks, solving the problems of girders, large columns and deep foundations. The column-column connection has good seismic performance and its seismic performance is up to 8.5. Not only for low-rise buildings, but also for high-rise buildings and soft-geological buildings.


Guolong lightweight wall panel thickness is thinner than traditional blocks, which can increase the use area by 8~10%, which greatly saves construction space and reduces costs. At the same time, the wall panel is lighter than the traditional block, saving cost in the building structure.

Industry Standard

Light wall panel inspection report

Lightweight, economical, energy

saving and environmental protection

Waterproof and moisture proof

Sound insulation


Thermal insulation

Construction civilization, short construction period, high efficiency

Lightweight and shockproof,

good overall

Slotted wiring, nailing and pasting

Composite wall with maximum

span and height

Increase utility area and

reduce project cost

Construction Cases

Lightweight decorative wall

Hydropower preset

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