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Intelligent integrated pipe gallery prefabrication

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Intelligent integrated pipe gallery prefabrication


The whole process of production and construction is controllable, the quality is stable, the construction is simple, the on-site operation area is small, the waste is generated less, and the impact on the surrounding environment is small.

Avoid the impact of traffic and residents' travel due to the frequent excavation of roads in the laying and maintenance of underground pipelines, and maintain the integrity and beauty of the city.

The pillars of the road, the "spider web" in the air, and the inspection wells and rooms of various pipelines can be reduced, which can effectively beautify the urban environment.

The underground pipe gallery system is not easily damaged in natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of post-earthquake disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction work.


China is in the period of rapid development of urbanization. In order to continuously meet the growing material needs of the city, urban municipal public pipelines need to be continuously increased and expanded. Various municipal pipelines lacking unified design planning occupy a large amount of urban ground and underground space. It has also caused frequent excavation of roads due to the needs of pipeline construction, which has brought many inconveniences to urban development and people's lives.

The integrated pipe corridor (Japan called "common ditch" Taiwan called "common pipeline") is the underground city pipeline integrated corridor. That is to build a tunnel space in the city underground, integrating various engineering pipelines such as electricity, communication, gas, heat supply, water supply and drainage, with special inspection ports, lifting ports and monitoring systems, and implementing the system--planning and unification - Design, unified construction and management are important infrastructure and "lifeline" to ensure urban operation


Since the year of 205, Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly mentioned on various occasions that it is necessary to promote the construction of urban underground integrated pipe corridors. At the same time, it is pointed out that infrastructure such as underground pipe network is the “lizi” of the city, and it is still very weak. Urban infrastructure such as underground pipe network is 'short board' to meet the needs of expanding people's livelihood. This is the due obligation of new urbanization and a strong support for steady growth. In order to implement the national strategic policy of deepening economic reform, the State Council will underground. The construction of integrated pipe corridors has been incorporated into the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” for urban infrastructure. Local governments have mentioned the important role of urban integrated pipe gallery construction in investment promotion in the government work report. The banner of pipe gallery construction has been launched in various provinces and cities. It is expected to set off a wave of underground pipe gallery construction.

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